• Available in a Single Aluminum Machined Style Up Pin, Single Stainless Steel Competition Style Up Pin, Double Up Pin, 3 pin and 5 pin
  • 2nd-Axis Adjustment
  • 2-inch Aperture
  • Delrin Bushings for Ultra Smooth Adjustment
  • 6061 T6 Construction
  • All Stainless Steel Hardware
  • 24-inch Fiber-Optic Strand
  • Pin Sizes: .010, .015, or .019
  • Threaded for an Optional Sight Light
  • Threaded for an Optional Lens
  • Looking To Add a Lens? Please follow this link for a Single Pin and Double Up Pin:
  • Looking To Add a Lens? Please follow this link for a 3 & 5 Pin:
  • Standard Double Up Pin Fibers are the same size – green on top and red on the bottom. For custom orders please contact us at
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Designed to bridge the gap between archery hunting and competition bow sights, the Viper Archery Products Sidewinder provides the fastest, easiest and most precise elevation adjustments of any single-pin sights on the market. The Sidewinder is truly a dual threat on the 3D course and in the field.

The Sidewinder features a Aluminum Machined-Style Up-Pin that is both thin and low profile, so target blocking is extremely minimal. The strand wraps around the housing above a reflective strip for maximum light gathering, which also makes replacement easy. The Sidewinder is available with a choice of three fiber-optic diameters: .010-, .015- or .019-inch.

The option to swap for a Stainless Steel Competition-Style Up-Pin is available for a $10.00 upcharge.

The sight’s elevation system is the most unique feature of the Sidewinder design; it is exceptionally functional, intuitive and quick to adjust, either on the course or in the field. It requires no lock screw, handle or knob to be loosened before adjusting for distance. The archer simply turns the four-winged aluminum Sidewinder knob at the back of the sight to set it to the desired yardage. Operation is quite smooth, thanks to the Delrin® thermoplastic gear-driven transfer system, and the sight housing remains horizontal throughout the range of travel. The sight can travel from its top-most position two inches down to the bottom position in less than one full turn of the Sidewinder knob. A .030-inch stainless steel pin on the Sidewinder transfer bar corresponds to a strip of white marking tape on the rearmost surface of the sight. This allows the user to precisely mark distances of the specific equipment being used, and it can be replaced or taped over if the equipment setup is changed.

The Sidewinder’s aluminum sight housing has a 2-inch aperture that is threaded to accept optional Zeiss coated lenses for competition or an optional shade housing and sight light for competition or hunting, so archers can switch between target and hunting setups with ease. A highly visible 0.35-inch diameter, 1-inch-long bubble level is located at the bottom of the housing.

The Sidewinder housing unit has elevation and windage adjustments that requires use of an Allen wrench to fine-tune the head position. The Sidewinder measures 6.75 inches in length and weighs 7.5 oz.

The Sidewinder bow sight is manufactured in the USA, and is constructed of the highest quality materials—hard-coat-anodized 6016 T6 aluminum, Delrin, brass and stainless steel up-pin, and stainless steel hardware—for maximum durability and a lifetime of worry-free use. This product is threaded for an optional lens. They will need the Retainer Ring kit to install a lens into the sight. All Viper Sights are threaded for an optional lens.

Additional information

Additional information


0.75 lbs


12 × 7.5 × 4.5 in

Pin Size

.010, .015, .019

Bow Hand

Left Hand, Right Hand

Pin Set Up

3 Pin, 5 Pin, Double Up Pin, Machined Style Up Pin – Blue, Machined Style Up Pin – Green, Machined Style Up Pin – Red, Competition Style Up Pin – Blue, Competition Style Up Pin – Green, Competition Style Up Pin – Red

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