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Competition Target Sight


  • Strong, Fully-Machined 6061-T6 Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • Quick-Thread Catch Release for Rapid Elevation Adjustment
  • Multiple Elevation Rail Mountain Positions
  • True 2nd- and 3rd-Axis Adjustment Tuning
  • 7 Location Dovetail Mounting System
  • Dovetail Bar Variations
    • Carbon Fiber
    • 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Quick Elevation Lock to Ensure no Rattling or Movement
  • Scope Quick Disconnect
    • Locks into Perfect Position Every Time
    • Allows for Easier Storage and Travel
  • Scope Barrel
    • Fits Perfectly with all Viper Scopes
    • Compatible with all Scopes with 10-24 or 10-32 Thread Stud
  • Stainless Steel Rail Pin is Longer-lasting and Durable
  • Custom Colors Available Upon Request

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Serious competition archers know that having a sight bar of the highest quality is crucial to achieving consistent shot-to-shot accuracy. To help achieve this goal, Viper Archery has announced the introduction of their new Competition Bar.

Machined from either strong, stiff and rugged 6061 aircraft aluminum or strong, stiff, and lightweight carbon fiber, the bar is designed to be used with all Viper scopes, or any scope featuring a 10-24 or 10-32 stud. The bar features a quick thread catch release for rapid elevation adjustment, a quick elevation lock to ensure no movement or rattling, and a stainless steel rail pin that is longer lasting, durable, and won’t wear like polymer slides. The Scope Quick Disconnect allows for simple and easy packing and traveling, and seats and locks into perfect position every time. The quick thread catch release is super simple to use, allowing shooters to adjust elevation quickly and make macro-adjustments on the fly.

Also featured is a true 2nd and 3rd axis adjustment capability. The 2nd axis refers to the clockwise/counter clockwise position of the sight housing. This adjustment allows you to adjust the sight so sight pin(s) align truly vertical to the target. The 3rd axis refers to the perpendicular orientation of the sight in relation to the centerline of the sight housing.

Adjustment of the 3rd axis swings the bow sight’s head in and away from the archer as if it were on a hinge. If the 3rd axis is not adjusted, when an archer tilts the bow up or down for a shot, the bow sight’s level will not read true and the shot will be off its mark. When the 3rd axis is perfectly adjusted, the bow will remain in perfect vertical alignment during level, uphill and downhill shots. Such adjustment capabilities are only available with today’s most advanced sighting systems.

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Bow Hand

Left Hand, Right Hand

Dovetail Bar

Carbon Fiber, 6061-T6 Aluminum